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flamline - German Design Award 2019 Winner - Material and Surfaces

Brandschutz ist ein relevantes Thema. Das innovative Gewebe ist nicht brennbar, überzeugt zugleich aber auch durch eine schöne Optik und angenehme Haptik. Ein toller Stoff, der durch seine Farbvielfalt und schalldämmenden Eigenschaften viele Möglichkeiten in der Raumausstattung eröffnet.
Fire safety is an important issue. This innovative fabric is non-flammable and at the same time makes a convincing impression with its aesthetic appearance and pleasant feel. This is a fantastic fabric that opens up a wide vista of possibilities for interior design with its diverse colour range and sound-absorbing qualities.

Porcher Industries acquires entire operations of P-D Interglas Technologies from Preiss Daimler Group

Porcher Industries acquires entire operations of P-D Interglas Technologies from Preiss Daimler Group and secures leading position as technical glass fabrics producer.
Porcher Industries, Badinieres, France: Porcher Industries, a leader in technical textiles and thermoplastic composite solutions, has today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Interglas Technologies’ operation including all business operations, workforce resources, assets, infrastructure and brand rights from the Preiss Daimler Group. Interglas Technologies GmbH is a German producer of technical fabrics for aeronautic, industrial, electrical and building applications. This transaction will reinforce Porcher Industries’ position as a leading global manufacturer of technical textiles.

New Cutting Machine

- Master roles into tapes or narrow fabrics up to 1700mm.
- Several widths are concurrently possible.
- Role length normally up to 4.000lm
- Diameter of the master role can be up to 700mm
- For several application area, e.g. Composites, Mineral wool lamination
- Core diameter 3 inches.


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