For many years, the central warehouse of INTERGLAS was located in Erbach, near Ulm. In 1993, the building complex was extended by an additional modern office building and a production area for glass fabric finishing.  In 2007, the weaving department moved from the Blaustein facility to Erbach, 20 km away.

As a result of this centralization, all production was now established in one facility. Today, Porcher Industries Germany GmbH, with its entire range of technical fabrics, made of glass, carbon and aramid filament yarns as well as other synthetic fibres, is able to meet the highest demands of their customers all over the world.

In 2003, the former INTERGLAS TECHNOLOGIES AG was acquired by P-D Management Industries Technologies GmbH and is a member of the P-D Fibre Glass Group, which is part of the Preiss-Daimler Group.
In 2017, the former P-D INTERGLAS TECHNOLOGIES GmbH was acquired by Porcher Industries and is now a member of the Porcher Industries companies Group.
Porcher Industries Germany GmbH
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